Piers Morgan Got A Custard Pie In The Face From A Comedian For His Dads With Baby Carriers Comments ????

British comedian Harry Hill slammed Piers Morgan with a pie to the face on Good Morning Britain (GMB) today—a whipped cream reprimand for Morgan’s controversial tweets that shamed James Bond actor Daniel Craig earlier this week for using a baby carrier.

According to HuffPost, Hill, Morgan, and GMB co-host Susanna Reid were making pies during a segment promoting Hill’s new show that teaches kids how to be funny when the incident occurred.

“This pie is for all those men that wear papooses,” Hill said as he put the finishing touches of whipped cream on a custard pie, stood up and smashed it into Morgan’s face.

Here’s the clip via YouTube:

Here are the original tweets that landed Morgan in hot water (or cold whipped cream in this case):


But of course Daniel Craig is not James Bond, and James Bond has never been depicted as a loving involved father, but anyway . . .

After Morgan’s tone deaf tweets, a hoard of commenters took to Twitter to defend dads who use baby carriers:


Even actor Chris Evans had something to say: 

So it’s no wonder that Twitter users were happy to see Morgan get his on GMB:

Some believed the whole thing was scripted, and since just before the segment Reid said, “I have a feeling what’s coming next,” they might be right:

A good point:

At least Morgan had a good sense of humor about it:

H/T: Twitter, HuffPost