Police Dash Cam Video Gives Optical Illusion Of Giant Spider Ready To Attack Officer ????

Police dash cams are meant to provide us with a record of a police officer’s activities. However, sometimes, they provide us with an unexpected Halloween treat. In a video posted by the Fulshear Police on Facebook, an officer can be seen from the dash cam talking to a driver in a car when something unexpected happens. What appears to be a giant spider begins lumbering toward him.

A video of the moment can be seen below.

No, of course that isn’t an acromantula, the giant arachnids of Harry Potter lore. It’s just a normal sized spider walking across the windshield of the car. But the forced perspective makes it seem way larger than it is.

The Fulshear Police Department aren’t the only ones who have gotten into the Halloween Spirit. Philly’s been on point for the past few years.

And Tarpon Springs got into some choreography!

In Portland, even horses get in on the festivities.

While Redwood City thought it was time for a little logo update.

Park Forest gave their office a makeover.

The Boston Police Department has historically gone a subtler route.

And in Dorset, even dogs get in on the fun.

Happy Halloween everyone!

H/T: Huffington Post, Facebook, Twitter