Kesha’s Haunting New Music Video Puts The ‘Vicious Cycle’ Of School Shootings Front And Center

A new music video offers a powerful look at school shootings, the pain and destruction they leave behind, and our government’s unwillingness to make any sort of change.  

The first version of “Safe” was written by Kesha’s younger brother following the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, while he was still in high school. Released as his debut single under his stage name “Sage,” the track features his chart-topping older sister as well as rapper, Chika, and was released in association with March For Our Lives, which is hoping the song will push people to vote for candidates who support gun control in next month’s midterm elections. 

On his YouTube channel, Sage explained how, upon hearing the song, Kesha “instantly felt the power of the track and wanted to help the cause by lending her voice to the song and movement.” 

March For Our Lives announced the song on Twitter, with the statement:

After every shooting, there’s outrage, prayers and false promises. Then it happens again. End #TheMostViciousCycle. Vote for candidates who support sensible gun legislation and share the video. #VoteForOurLives on 11/6.

Here’s the full video (the song loops through several times to emphasize its “Vicious Cycle” theme):

Twitter users were moved by the video: 

They were grateful for the video and noted its effectiveness in getting across its message:

From what’s happening on Twitter, the video seems to be serving its purpose by motivating people to get out and vote:

Reminder: Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. 

H/T: YouTube, HuffPost, Twitter