Oregon Zoo’s ‘Gothy’ X-Rays Of Animals Are Captivating The Internet—And We Can See Why ????

The Oregon Zoo wanted to remind everyone on Twitter how cool animals were, and they found the perfect way to do it. In honor of the Halloween season, on Wednesday, October 17, they posted a series of X-rays of some of their favorite, most photogenic animals. The results were as fascinating as they were spooky!

These skeletons are nothing like ours, but look just as neat!

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside some of these creatures?

Twitter users were incredibly into the pictures!

Taking these X-rays must have been pretty tough, considering how hard it is to tell an animal to “stay still.”

Studying a snake’s bones can distract you from how big and scary they are.

It turns out there aren’t many bones at all in a beaver’s tail, but it still looks cool!

One bone in particular stands out on the toucan…

These are A+ Halloween decorations for animal-lovers everywhere—we all need them framed ASAP!

H/T – Twitter, Express & Star