Woman Calls Cops On Black Anti-Violence Activists At South Carolina Gas Station

Members of the Charleston, S.C. Guns Down Chuck Town, a side chapter of the national Guns Down America, stopped by a Murphy’s USA convenience store/gas station to get drinks and snacks after a day of marching. A short time later, a woman and man pulled up in a truck and ordered everyone to leave. The man then called the police, handing the phone to the woman to speak. It turned out the woman, Brenda Metz, was the store manager. She told the dispatcher:

“They’re standing outside my store, they’re videoing us and everything, I need a police officer here now. I mean, it’s like a riot out here. [They are]  absolutely destroying the outside.”

A video taken by Facebook user,  Jonathan Thrower, AKA Shakem Akhet, shows the woman talking to the police on the phone while a large group of people mingle outside. There is a lot of noise, which usually comes with a large group of children, but there was no indication any rioting was happening. 

Akhet posted the video to Facebook urging people to help it go viral. He told Charleston City Paper he’d helped organize the march. The group had earlier stopped by another gas station and handed out information on conflict resolution. He also told the paper at first he thought it must have been a joke. 

Akhet says:

“I thought she was playing at first. I didn’t really think that was gonna happen.”

Akhet took out his phone and began recording. You can see the video below. 

You can hear the 911 call below. The woman tells the dispatcher that some of crowd are turning the pumps on and off, but eventually after being repeatedly asked, admits she is not in danger. 

Akhet says when the police showed up, there was no report filed. Most of the children and their parents had already moved on down the road. He says:

 The North Charleston Police Department — I applaud them, because the guy was like, ‘You know, they’re just coming in to purchase something, I’m sure they‘re not causing any trouble.

Murphy USA issued the following statement regarding the incident:

Murphy USA is aware of a situation on Oct. 14 at our North Charleston, South Carolina, Murphy Express location at 8599 Rivers Avenue. Approximately 30–40 people were gathered outside the location at the conclusion of a local community event. Safety issues arose due to people, many of which were young children, being in and around the flow of store traffic, and disruptions to the business were caused by an external emergency fuel stop button being struck numerous times, which shut down all fuel pumps at our site. A Murphy USA employee approached the group and requested they leave the premises. After members of the group refused to leave the premises, a call was made to law enforcement. At this time, Murphy USA is reviewing the situation and the response with our team. 

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