YouTube Was Down Briefly Yesterday—And That Sent PornHub’s Traffic Through The Roof 👀

On Tuesday, October 16, YouTube, the world’s most popular video-sharing website, was out of commission from roughly 9pm to 11pm. This took many users, who were eager to watch their favorite movie trailers or wrestling clips, by surprise. What were they going to do with their time now? Fortunately, they found an answer.

According to statistics released by the always-shameless Pornhub, the site’s viewership began to skyrocket right around 9pm, when the YouTube outage was most widely reported. By 10pm, it had garnered 21% more clicks than it would on an average day.

Numbers then began to tail off, and by midnight had even sunk below normal levels as the people of planet Earth went back to watch all the precious clips they been deprived of for those 2 horrible hours. Overall, however, Pornhub still managed to add “a significant increase by millions of additional viewers during Pornhub’s peak evening hours.”

Adding just a little more awkward information, Pornhub also released its numbers for specific searches, showing what all those visiting YouTubers would want to watch once they reached the site. The results were strangely unsurprising:

The internet found the surge in Pornhub’s popularity pretty funny:

Who knows where people would go if Twitter ever went down!

Tuesday was a day Pornhub will never forget…

Congrats to Pornhub on a red letter day…though we’re glad people can now watch their ASMR videos on the platform they were intended for.

H/T – Twitter, Mashable