Men Share The Ways That Toxic Masculinity, Loneliness And Pressure Have Impacted Their Lives In Eye-Opening Conversation

There’s no denying that men have it pretty good. As a general rule, they have more freedom, more power, more autonomy, and greater personal safety than women do. Women have been struggling to gain greater equality for generations, and more and more men have joined them in that fight. A big part of the discussions surrounding that issue is the idea of toxic masculinity

First, we want to say that not all masculinity is toxic. Toxic masculinity is the kind of masculinity that sends unhealthy and often destructive messages to our young men. A classic example is the idea that “boys don’t cry” or talk about their feelings. Those emotionally stunted boys grow into emotionally stunted men with higher likelihoods of struggling with depression, isolation, feelings of loneliness, and problems handling their anger. There are many small facets of masculinity that are toxic and hurtful to men and to society in general.

Who better to talk to the world about toxic masculinity than the men who see and feel its effects daily? One Twitter user asked men if there were any down sides to being a man, and the conversation was both eye opening and heartbreaking. 

Here’s her tweet: 

Men responded with all sorts of things that kind of made us sad. Like feeling isolated and alone. 

“Manly” expectation weighs heavily on a lot of men. 

Fatherhood matters. 

And everyone could use a good cuddle. 

So what have we learned? 

H/T: Twitter, Tolerance