Mom’s Attempt To Sell Wardrobe Online Gets Accidentally X-Rated

Julie Eke was just trying to sell a pair of wardrobes online, but accidentally flashed a pair of…something else in the photo.

Her daughter was happy to share the story online.

After posting the wardrobes online, a very polite stranger messaged Julie directly:

“I don’t mean to be rude but I thought I’d let you know… it seems there are some boobs in the mirror!” 

She realized her mistake…not putting a shirt on and being directly reflected in the mirror between the two wardrobes.

The mortified mom sent the interaction to her daughter, Sophie, who shared it to Twitter and said it was the “funniest thing she’d ever seen.”

The rest of the internet is in an uproar about this.

How’s that for a literal wardrobe malfunction?

We feel we have learned a valuable lesson today.

Always be aware of reflective surfaces when taking photographs.  You never know what might be reflected back at you…

H/T: The Sun, Indy100