Survey Reveals That Trump Voters Believe Men Face More Discrimination Than LGBT+ People ????

Demonstrating the stark difference of opinion between the American right and left, a recent survey conducted by The Economist and polling company YouGov revealed that 20% of people who voted for Donald Trump believe “there is a great deal of discrimination towards men.” Meanwhile, only 9% of those same voters believe “queer people face discrimination.

The survey, which spoke to 1,500 U.S. adults, also found that many Trump supporters think native-born Americans face more serious discrimination than members of the LGBTQ community. In fact, 59% of those in the survey who voted for Donald Trump believe “queer people face not much discrimination or none at all.”

The results of this survey were a surprise to Twitter!

In the survey, many Trump voters also believed men faced more discrimination than “Jews, Mexican Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans and immigrants.” This was diametrically opposed to Clinton voters, 54% of whom believed the LGBTQ community regularly faces serious discrimination, while only 3% thought men do.

Twitter had some news for the Trump supporters who think men are under attack:

For the straight men of America who feel they’re being treated unfairly, here’s a reminder: being criticized or facing hardship is not the same as discrimination. Here are some examples of blatant discrimination:

An August directive by the Trump administration gave federal contractors the right to discriminate against LGBTQ people.

Earlier this October, the Trump administration said it would no longer be issuing VISAs to unmarried partners of same-sex couples working at the “UN, World Bank and International Monetary Fund,” putting many of these people in danger overseas.

Meanwhile, only 25 of the 193 countries in the U.N. have legalized same-sex marriage. In 69 countries, being gay is a prosecutable crime, and, in several nations, the sentence is death.

Reactions on social media were largely in support of the LGBTQ community, who are discriminated against so often it apparently doesn’t even register as discrimination to these Trump supporters!

Perhaps reading these examples of discrimination will open the eyes of some Trump voters… but we aren’t too hopeful.

H/T – Pink News, Think Progress