Burger King Claims Its New ‘Nightmare’ Burger Will Actually Give You Nightmares ????

Burger King isn’t satisfied with giving you a stomach ache after lunch…now it wants to haunt your dreams with the new “Nightmare King” burger.

That’s right! Some insane chef at BK has concocted a spooky burger with several different meats (beef, chicken, and bacon) that’s “scientifically proven” to induce nightmares.


Here’s a creepy look at BK’s Halloween-themed “Nightmare King.”

Sure, it looks ABSOLUTELY disgusting, but does it taste that way? 

Animal rights activists are freaking out for different reasons.

One Twitter user made the perfect comparison.

Most people are grossed-out by the burger’s green buns.

Still, some Halloween enthusiasts are looking forward to the nightmare inducing burger.

Sure, we can mock BK for promoting such a disgusting menu item…but this looks like a successful marketing campaign in the making.

Halloween freaks are bound to hear about the “Nightmare King” and try it out. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

H/T: Buzzfeed, The Takeout