People Are Roasting This Chinese Skyscraper For Looking Like Man’s Private Parts 🍆

The brand spanking new Guangxi New Media Centre located in Nanning, Guangxi, China—which is in the south-east of the country—just opened after two years of construction.

They celebrated the grand opening of the skyscraper in an innocuous and common way: with fireworks.

However, the clip of the fireworks celebration has people feeling like the new building might look like something…

…not quite as innocuous.

You be the judge. 

People were all over it.

But a spokesperson for the project claimed that the fireworks footage was fake, saying…

“We turned on the lights on the façade of the building and it showed the image of a moon.

Some (web users) photo-shopped extra lights, others photo-shopped fireworks and fountains onto it. All sorts of things.”

They also explained the building design is based on the terraced farms around the provinces of  Guangxi and Yunnan.

However, the claim that the fireworks footage had been “enhanced” didn’t stop people from having a laugh…

Yes, it certainly looks like it to many people.

But that is not the end of the story. 

It turns out Nanning has another group of buildings that perfectly complement their new tower.

Oh, my…

H/T: Independent, Twitter