Legalized Marijuana In Canada Was Foretold By The Simpsons 13 Years Ago 😮

The Simpsons seems to have a serious eye for the future.

In 2005, the show released an episode called Midnight RX that dealt with the rising cost of prescription medication in the USA. Homer and company cross the border from Springfield into Canada (exactly where is Springfield, anyway?) and meet a Canadian counterpart of Ned Flanders, who offers the group a hit of his “reeferino.”

“It’s legal here,” he says.

Canada officially legalized marijuana on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018.  

One of the other major Simpsons predictions that has come true?  None other than the prediction that Donald Trump would be the United States President.

It’s a little scary how prophetic The Simpsons is.

Maybe it’s time for some more pleasant predictions for the USA?

Let’s see.  Maybe we will be lucky enough to get a Lisa Simpson as President.

H/T: Indy100, Twitter