Christmas Came Early For 2-Year-Old Boy With Cancer When His Neighbors Decorated Their Homes A Whole Season Early

2 year old Brody Allen loved Christmas, so his neighborhood decided to make it Christmas in September.

Brody battled with terminal brain cancer and doctors said he wouldn’t make it to Christmas, to the Allens had the idea to have the neighborhood bring Christmas to him early.

“We asked for some decorations, and honestly I don’t even know who donated,” said his sister, McKenzie Allen. “I feel horrible for saying that, but they just stopped by, complete strangers.”

Brody was thrilled to see Christmas had come early.

“He absolutely loves it,” Allen said in September. “His speech is impaired, so he has trouble talking now, but he has the cutest little froggy voice. So the first night we put out lights — which compared to now is nothing — we rolled him out in his little wagon and he just let out the biggest ‘wow!'”

Sadly, Brody lost his fight on October 19th.  The Facebook group Team Brody stands as a living memoriam, and people nationwide are feeling the loss of the little boy who loved Christmas.

“This little boy has really touched my heart for not knowing very long and only meeting him, he’s changed the world,” Denise Vestring, a woman who met Brody at a fundraiser for cancer, said. “And the world needed this right now.”

Our thoughts remain with Brody’s family and we hope some of his joy rubs off on our readers today.

H/T: CBS News, Local 12