Fans Have Theories About A New Beyonce and Kelly Rowland Collaboration And We Need It To Be True

Destiny’s Child was the girl group of the mid-2000s. Comprised of an amazing trio, Queen Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams, people from across the globe bopped to chart-topping, smash hit songs from the group like “Say My Name” and “Survivor.”

Following almost a decade of bestselling music, millions of albums being sold, and going down in history as one of the strongest and most talented music groups of all time, the group disbanded in 2006. Beyoncé went on to spearhead an iconic solo music career and the rest, as they say, is history. 

…or is it?

People have reason to believe that Bey and Rowland might be making music together once again. Could it be??

Fans spotted a random account on Instagram, dubbed “Rose IV You” on the 15th of October. The account has six posts, on a black background filled with images of roses, and short clips of female vocals.

Some believe the vocals in the first video belong to Beyoncé:

Fans are decoding the second photo, a simple white “I. IV” on a black background, as January 4th.

Could Bey and Rowland be announcing some sort of secret collaboration in the beginning of 2019?


“Rose IV You” has more than 24.4 thousand followers after a week of being active. Can’t miss any updates if this is a partial reunion and revival of Destiny’s Child!

Destiny’s Child has reunited in the past…

The group performed together at the Super Bowl in 2013, and then again at the Stellar Awards in 2015. Everyone lost their minds after the two former bandmates confirmed rumors and joined Beyoncé on-stage for a three-piece medley as she headlined Coachella in April 2018.

Rowland also appeared in one of Queen B’s music videos, to the song “Party” in 2011. Rowland and Beyoncé have quite a history on and off-stage. The two were childhood friends and formed the band Girl’s Tyme in 1990, before changing their name to Destiny’s Child in 1996, and being signed to Columbia Records.

So, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if the two were working together once again…

Rowland mentioned new music earlier this month, and shared a video lip-syncing to one of those new songs, captioning the post with two roses and a winking face.

Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not…

Right now, Rose IV You is following five accounts on Instagram:

Beyoncé, Rowland, Minaj, Tidal, and Netflix.



People are curious as to the reasons “Rose IV You” follows those five accounts – and only those five accounts:

I mean, most of us regular folk follow Bey, Rowland, and Minaj. But Tidal and Netflix? With all of these potential clues? Hmm…





So people are starting to whip up some theories:

Most of the conspiracy theories about Bey are out there, but these? Well, these might be possible.





Lemonade debuted in April 2016, as an exclusive to her husband’s streaming service, Tidal. Because Tidal is one of the five accounts this account follows, some are saying whatever this secret potential project is won’t debut on other platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

None of this evidence, though. Ultimately all of it could be chocked up to be a ton of theories, shrugged off as something started by a fan who misses Destiny’s Child.

But then, Tidal followed back, and liked some of the posts on the mysterious account:

Wait. What about Nicki Minaj?

Everyone remembers the infamous mashup, “Feeling Myself” from the bestselling female rapper’s album The Pinkprint in 2014. So, again, new music wouldn’t be a shock…



Some are saying the silhouettes featured in the short videos resemble the women, especially Beyoncé and Minaj. Meanwhile, some of the harmonies remind fans of Beyoncé and Rowland.



People are divided on the authenticity of the account. But, still, without any confirmations some are already thrilled:







Some fans are so anxious, they’re requesting medical attention:

Same here.



The most recent post was captioned with “” although there haven’t been any clues as to the meaning behind that.

None of the ladies have confirmed or denied anything about the account..

Now, we wait.

Even if this is too good to be true and this account isn’t real…maybe Bey and Kelly (and Nicki) will see this, and get some ideas? Maybe an album, or a movie?

Or both?

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