Keith Urban Surpises His ‘Biggest Fan’ With A Visit To His Hospice Care And A Song

Does your favorite country singer make house calls?  Well, Keith Urban makes housecalls…kind of.

Keith Urban showed up at Mercy Health St. Vincent Hospital at the behest of the nurses of Marissa English, a 25 year old woman in hospice care, who is a big fan of Urban, after she was unable to attend his concert.

Marissa has a variety of health conditions including an inoperable cyst on her brain, severe scoliosis and cerebral palsy, according to WTOL.  And unfortunately, according to the nurses at Mercy Health St. Vincent Hospital, her health is rapidly declining.


The video shows Urban playing guitar and singing for Marissa.  He also took photos hugging her.

Originally, Marissa was planning to attend Urban’s concert in Toledo on Thursday night, but was pleasantly surprised when he instead showed up pre-performance.  At the show, Urban said he got to meet his “biggest fan, a beautiful girl named Marissa.”

Marissa has been a lifelong fan.  She calls Urban “mister hottie,” according to her mother, and keeps a bunch of memorabilia from past concerts within reach of her hospital bed.

“She just has such a fascination with Keith and loves to watch him on TV and listen to his music,” said Marissa’s in-home nurse, Jackie Codding.

Stories like these always lift our spirits a little bit.