Prince Harry’s Response Sends Speculation Soaring After Fan Shouts ‘I Hope It’s A Girl’ In Viral Video

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are currently in Australia for the Invictus Games, which Prince Harry founded as an international sporting event for wounded serving military personnel and veterans. Part of this tour has included people asking lots of questions about the Duchess of Sussex’s recently announced pregnancy. Thanks to the age of social media, one particular clip has gone viral.

While participating in a cycling event at the Invictus Games, this interchange happened:

The caption reads:

“Woman: ‘I hope is a girl!’ The Duke Of Sussex: ‘So do I’
Does he knows something we don’t?! But if is a boy, you guys better make this video disappear “

People wondered if they knew already.

The most surefire way for a parent to find out their child’s gender is by listening to their kid as they grow up and define their identity.

Many still expressed their hopes.

And most just wished the royal couple the best.

We’re all hoping for a happy and healthy child.

H/T: People, Twitter