The Writers Of That ‘A Star Is Born’ Song About Butts Say It Wasn’t Intentionally Bad

**SPOILER ALERT** For the film A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born has been one of the crown jewels of the fall movie season.

Oscar buzz abounds for Bradley Cooper’s direction and his performance as the ill-fated country-rock singer Jackson Maine, as well as for Lady Gaga, who earned raves for her performance as the singer on the rise and Maine’s soulmate, Ally.

Excuse us for a second…


We can’t talk about Jackson and Ally without sobbing.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of our system! Anyone who has seen the movie knows that one of the main flashpoints in Ally and Jackson’s relationship is that as Ally’s star begins to rise, her musical style shifts from a singer-songwriter sensibility to straight up pop.

Jackson is none too thrilled about the development. One of the moments that highlights this tension is when Ally appears on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest singing a straight up ‘top 40’ style song entitled “Why Did You Do That?”

The song can be heard below.


The first two lyrics are…

“Why do you look so good in those jeans?
Why’d you come around me with an ass like that?”

Of course, people assumed that the song was intentionally a ‘bad pop song’. But one of the writers of it tells a different story.

In a New York Times interview, one of the writer’s of the song, Diane Warren, explains…

“I would never purposefully sit down to write a bad song, although I guess I’ve done some without trying that turned out that way. This was a fun song, and I love fun pop songs. Not everything has to be serious all the time.”

But people were already kinda here for this bop.

Fan videos were made.

Gifs and memes were born.

Don’t worry Diane. We’ve all been talking about how “Why Did You Do That?” is supposed to be bad but is actually super amazing for weeks.

So now we’re all on the same page.

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