Fortnite Roasts Elon Musk After He Jokes That He Bought And Deleted The Game

Just because you’re the former chairman of a Fortune 500 electric car company doesn’t mean you can “Floss Dance” with the best of them.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and billionaire, recently came under fire from another financially powerful entity. It wasn’t another tech company, however. It was Fortnite.

While the game is popular with many young adults today, Musk took a quick shot at the game’s audience.

On Twitter, Musk shared a cropped image of a fake article from Marketwatch, saying he bought Fortnite only to turn right around and delete the game. 

However, what Musk didn’t expect was for Forntite, a free-to-play online game which has made roughly $1 billion since it’s launch a year ago, to publicly take a shot back online.

What their account referred to was an article about Musk declaring they could build a base on Mars in 10 years. The “Just build, LOL!” line is referencing a Fortnite meme where you tell another player to, in a sense, get better at the game.

This feud was not missed by fans on Twitter.

To prove what a good sport he is,. and get the Fortnite fans off his back, Musk responded to the gaming giant’s claim with:

H/T: Twitter, Forbes