Michael Douglas May Have Inadvertently Just Confirmed A Popular ‘Avengers 4’ Fan Theory

We have yet to see how exactly Ant-Man And The Wasp will connect into the larger Marvel universe, and more directly to Avengers 4, but actor Michael Douglas dropped us a pretty big hint.

When discussing the connections between Ant-Man And The Wasp and the rest of the universe, Douglas said:

“The Quantum Realm, that’s the key. That’s the key. The Quantum Realm plays an important part in all the next chapters, I think, of the Marvel films.”

Other going theories about Avengers 4 include:

-Dr. Strange using the time stone to create a fail-safe plan for Thanos’ defeat

-A4 will be set many, many years in the future after Infinity War.

Ever since the surprise end of Infinity War, Marvel fans have been waiting with baited breath to see how it’s all going to turn out.  

We’re anxious to see how the Quantum Realm is going to change the circumstances of the next film.

H/T: UpRoxx, Twitter