Someone Put Thanos’ Face On A Pumpkin—And A Glorious Photoshop Battle Commenced ????

You may think you’re safe from The Mad Titan when it comes to carving Jack O’Lanterns, but this year, there’s nowhere for you to hide from Thanos.

That Thanos pumpkin originally showed up on Reddit under user MOVIEREVOLT. He even has a pumpkin Infinity Gauntlet next to him!

Reddit then took things to the next level. Daedagon kicked it off with this photoshop casting the pumpkin in the movie in Thanos’ stead:


And then suddenly, a Hamburglar version of the Thanos pumpkin showed up:

Things got downright disturbing when Beautiful Squidward strode onto the scene:


And Willy Wonka’s famous Oompa Loompas:


Let’s throw in some Arrested Development for good measure:

And then we realized he would probably make a better president than the man who currently has the job:


And then it was all brought home when somebody swapped Anna Kendrick from the book in the background with the Thanos pumpkin.


Thanks for the great start to our day, internet.

H/T: Indy100, Mashable