Matthew Broderick To Join The Cast Of ABC’s ‘The Conners’

Looks like Matthew Broderick will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of ABC’s The Conners—and Twitter has a lot to say about it.

According to People, the 56-year-old actor—perhaps best known for his role in the John Hughes classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off—will play Laurie Metcalf’s love interest on the Oct. 30 episode of the Roseanne spin-off.

The Conners premiered last Tuesday, addressing the absence of Roseanne Barr’s character right away. ABC cancelled the revived Roseanne last May following racist remarks Barr made on Twitter.

Many commenters seem less than enthused about Broderick’s upcoming appearance on the show:

Fans of Broderick aren’t so sure it’s a good move for the Tony Award-winning actor:

On the premiere of The Conners, it was revealed that Roseanne died from an opiate overdose, which Barr responded to by tweeting, “I AIN’T DEAD, BITCHES!!!!” (the tweet has since been taken down).

With the loss of Barr’s character, Twitter users speculated that ABC decided to feature Broderick in an effort to spike ratings: 

And many cheered the casting:

You can catch The Conners on Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

H/T: People, Twitter