People Are Paying Tribute To Canadian Rapper Who Died Doing Airplane Stunt For Music Video

People are taking to Twitter to express their shock at the death of the Canadian rapper Jon James McMurray, who died while shooting a video. McMurray was standing on the wing of a flying Cessna and, as he moved farther out on the wing, his weight sent the plane into a spin. When the pilot wasn’t able to correct right away, McMurray held onto the wing and let go only when it was too late to open his parachute. He died on impact. The pilot was eventually able to gain control and land the plane safely a few moments later. 

The rapper was loved by many who are left heartbroken by this tragic accident. McMurray leaves behind his wife, Playboy model Kali James. A GoFundMe account with a $10 million goal has been set up to “help celebrate his life.” 

Before turning to rap, James was an accomplished free skier and stuntman. 

Sadly, people were not showing much compassion for this tragedy. 

Thankfully, some others showed more class…kind of.  

We offer our condolences to McMurray’s family and friends. 

H/T: The Sun, Billboard