The ‘1 Alcohol Bev’ Meme Is Taking Over The Internet—And It’s Almost Too Relatable ????????

You don’t need alcohol to have a great time. Plenty of people don’t drink at all and end up being the life of the party! But let’s be honest: Drinking sometimes helps. The kinds of squad adventures that become life-long stories rarely start with, “Okay, so we went out for kale juice…”

We can all agree that getting totally thrashed is lame and dangerous. Still, completely sober means wound up too tightly for some people. But Twitter, knower of all things, has found the sweet spot for us. Apparently, it’s one alcoholic beverage — at least according to a new meme that’s taking over.

Now, not everyone is going to be susceptible to the powers of “1 alcoholic bev.” It’s mostly about the stuff you’re right on the edge of doing or saying anyway but keep to yourself because you’re a functional human being of legal drinking age. You might think it, but you don’t say it. Your inner monologue stays inner. You keep your attitude in check. You’re good. You’ve got this…until you take one drink. Turns out the distance from self-control to “nope” is just that one drink.

Twitter mapped it for us: 

The format is simple. You start at a perfectly normal and reasonable point A, then you drink and end up at some probably ridiculous — but low-key honest — point B.

Who HASN’T had a night like that? Or two…or ten?  

People love sharing their intimate details with Twitter because why not?  

Also, “men are trash” is an ever-popular topic. 

If you’re looking for a little hilarious honesty today, go check Twitter for 1 alcoholic bev and enjoy.


H/T: Mashable, Twitter