Woman Tells Guatemalan Family To ‘Get The F*** Out’ For Speaking Spanish At Virginia Restaurant

A woman was banned from a Virginia restaurant after she harassed a family for speaking Spanish.  

A Latino woman who lives in Lovettsville, Virginia, was with family visiting from Guatemala in an Andy’s restaurantin Lovettsville on Friday when a white woman approached them, pointing her finger, and demanded to see their passports.

It’s the most recent in a string of incidents that have occurred since President Trump took office, in which a white person harasses a minority for simply going about their life.  

The Latino woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, described the encounter: 

“She asked for passports; she said that she knew everybody in Loudoun County to get us out of here, and she started saying that we were supposed to speak English, but I’m like ‘we’re not talking to you.'”

Defending her family, she told the woman:

“They’re here visiting and they don’t know English, so how do you want them to speak English when they’re here just visiting?”

But the woman started going off on a racist rant before being escorted out of the restaurant, even continuing her racist tirade outside.

In the video, she can be heard saying:

“You don’t freeload in this f*****g country. You get the f*** out, back to your f*****g country. You illegals come to live from the government. You can’t live on the government here. Go live from your government.”

Commenters on Twitter were both outraged and saddened:

Many blamed Trump as there has been a marked rise in public acts of racism since he took office:

Other commenters wanted justice. Though police were called to the scene, no charges were filed. The restaurant owner says the woman is not welcome back to the restaurant. 

Some Twitter users took some solace in that:

Upset that their 7-year-old daughter was present at the time, the family is sharing what happened to them in hopes that it will help prevent the same thing from happening to someone else.

According to HuffPost, they said:

“It’s not fair that they do this to us, and even less acceptable if there are children present. It’s not fair for any child to have to go through that. You just don’t do that.”

H/T: indy100, NBC Washington, HuffPost, Twitter