Jonah Hill Opens Up About His Weight-Loss Journey And The Emotional Pain He Endured As A Young Actor

Jonah Hill has been a man of many faces, both on screen and off. No matter who he is playing, however, the 34-year-old actor has been one of the most recognizable figures in Hollywood for more than ten years. 

Now Hill is making his directorial debut with Mid90s, a coming-of-age film based on his experiences growing up. 

Success has not been easy for Hill, who recently opened up about his fluctuating weight on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

According to Hill, writing and directing the film helped him realize how much criticism about his weight affected him over the years. 

Speaking with DeGeneres, Hill talked about the struggles he had growing up as an overweight kid “feeling lonely and not understanding my own worth.”

Although he achieved success at a young age, it did little to improve his self image or how others treated him.  

“I came up in goofy comedies, this kind of curly haired, overweight kid,” he told DeGeneres. “Everyone had their own opinion on what I  should be, how they could speak to me, how they could treat me.”

Alongside the premier of Mid90s on Friday, Hill is also releasing a self-published magazine called Inner Children, which tackles many of the struggles he faced, like body-shaming and learning about self-worth. 

He shared the magazines “manifesto” on Instagram. 

“I became famous in my late teens and then spent most of my young adult life listening to people say that I was fat and gross and unattractive, It’s only in the last four years writing and directing my movie Mid90s that I’ve started to understand how much that hurt got into my head. 

I really believe everyone has a snapshot of themselves from a time when  they were young that they’re ashamed of. For me, it’s that 14-year-old overweight and unattractive kid who felt ugly to the world.” 

In another post, Hill shared a picture of him standing next to his 14-year-old self, captioned, “This magazine is dedicated to this guy.”

Hill says Mid90s has many of the same themes as the magazine:

“To me this movie is about learning to love yourself and finding a community of people that accept you and how imperfect life is. I’m under construction like we all are.”

For many who had shared similar struggles, Hill’s message struck a chord. 

Fans were proud of Hill for how far he had come. 

And no matter what size, Hill has fans who will always be there for him.

H/T – Brobible, ET