Teen Doesn’t Know How Burned CDs Work—And Millennial Twitter Flies Into A White Hot Panic 😱

When 17-year-old Baltimorean Alyssa Lucas turned to Twitter on Saturday, she had no idea the attention her innocent question would receive.

Genuinely puzzled by how CDs work after overhearing a conversation in a local Best Buy—and in particular how they are/were burned—this self-identifying member of Gen Z decided to ask the all-knowing internet—and Gen X’ers and millennials were shook.

According to BuzzFeed News, Lucas has owned a CD before, but like many in her generation,  the majority of her music listening happens over music streaming services such as Spotify.

Here’s her original tweet:

She added:

Some commenters attempted to explain CD technology to her:

For the uninitiated, back in the day, computers came with CD drives built into them. A person could buy a stack of blank CDs called CD-Rs, and use a software program such as Windows Media Player to “burn” song files into the dye-infused grooves of the blank disc via a laser in the CD drive.

As these commenters pointed out, most modern computers don’t even come with CD drives anymore:

There was a fair amount of “good ol’ days” reminiscing on the thread:

But most of the discussion was sidetracked into how “old” the tweet made everyone feel:

Some more than others:

Next week’s Gen Z topic: floppy discs and cassettes:

H/T: BuzzFeed, Twitter