This Video Of A Donkey Belting Out A Tune With Operatic Gusto Is Top Notch Comedy ????

Before you even get invested, you need to turn up the volume to fully experience all of the awesome that’s about to happen. If you’re supposed to be paying attention to a work meeting or you’re sitting in the back of one of your classes, now isn’t the time, but pin this and come back to it when you can. Nobody should miss out on the chance to get serenaded by a donkey.

For those who CAN listen now, brace yourselves. You’re about to meet Harriet the donkey. She’s a gorgeous Irish lass who’s a little different from the other donkeys. According to Martin Stanton, the person who originally posted the video, she’s never been able to “hee haw” like other donkeys. If you think that means Harriet is lonely or silent, you’d be wrong. Harriet may not hee haw, but she’s managed to master another of the fine donkey arts. Donkeys can also bray, a sound that lots of people describe as the donkey equivalent of singing. Harriet must have figured if she couldn’t hee haw, she’d be the best brayer ever.

Mission accomplished, Harriet. Homegirl belts her little operas from the heart. It’s moving. 

Martin originally posted the video to a Facebook group dedicated to sharing the wonderful little things you might find in day-to-day life wandering about Ireland. In the original post he called Harriet beautiful, and everyone agreed. It took just three days for the video to make it from that Facebook group to worldwide fame. We understand why Martin makes it a point to visit her regularly. And yes, before you ask, he brings treats. He’s a friend of the family and only lives about 20 minutes away, so he gets to visit her pretty often.

We’re seething with donkey-related jealousy right now, and that’s not a thing I thought I would ever type. 

It’s not just us, though. Twitter is loving Harriet just as much as we are. 

The donkey is the symbol of the Democratic party, and more than one person got weirdly political about Harriet’s singing. Some said it was just another example of Democrats whining about 2016. Another mentioned that the only way Democrats usually sing is if someone greases their palm. No worries, though, because none of the hate will make it back to Harriet. She is Irish, after all, so involving her in American political issues makes no sense. Also, she’s an actual real-life animal donkey,  soooo…yeah.

This guy gets what we’re saying. 

If you happen to find yourself near  Toureen, Connemara, in Ireland, ask about Harriet the Opera Donkey. The furry diva may just serenade you in exchange for a snack. Pro-tip: She likes carrots, bread, and ginger nut biscuits. Oh, and leave American politics out of it. No need to dull Harriet’s shine.

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