This Person’s Losing Lotto Ticket Is Maybe The Saddest Thing Ever 😒

The Mega Millions jackpot hit $1.5 billion this week, which means everybody and their grandmother bought a ticket in the hopes of cashing in. One Reddit user felt the sting of defeat perhaps a bit more sharply than all the rest.

The Reddit User Cuddlem0nster posted receipts in the form of their un-winning lotto ticket in the r/funny subreddit yesterday and garnered a lot of sympathetic attention for coming close to the winning numbers.

People felt for Cuddlem0nster:

Some took gleeful joy in the pic:

Others commiserated, detailing just exactly what they would have done in the OP’s shoes:

And shared their own tale of an almost win . . .Β 

There were those like Reddit user Copypaste5 who pointed out that the OP’s ticket and circumstances were not so rare:

“There are 729 possible combinations where the candidate ticket’s numbers are all 1 above, equal to, or 1 below the target number. So for any given ticket that matches this criteria there is a 0.137% chance of it being the correct number.”

Another person, takemehomeunitedroad, noted:

If it help even more, when it comes to lottery there is no such thing as 1 above or 1 below. All numbers are equal, 36 is no closer to 37 than 2 is.”

“For all it’s worth they might as well have balls with pictures of different animals on them.”

And there were healing insights from thejonbovi:

“So don’t feel so bad OP, you weren’t even close.”

As Don Adams’ Get Smart character, Agent Maxwell Smart (a.k.a. Agent 86) used to say, “Missed it by THAT much.”Β 

H/T: Mashable, Reddit