This Theory That The Title Of ‘Avengers 4’ May Have Been Hidden In ‘The Age Of Ultron’ Has Fans Divided

Now that Avengers: Infinity War has left moviegoers slack-jawed at the devastating finale, fans are looking to the future to see how their favorite Marvel characters will find new lives in the sequel.

The title of the next Avengers movie is a closely-guarded secret, but it’s certainly not keeping die-hard fans from speculating.

According to Indy100, directors Joe and Anthony Russo teased fans by mentioning that, despite rumors, there were no hints about the sequel’s title during Avengers: Infinity War.

However, if one fan theory holds true, the title for the next sequel might be found within the film preceding Infinity War.

Age of Ultron is the second installment in the mega-successful franchise, and based on the dialogue between Vision and Scarlet Witch, the title for Avengers 4 could be Annihilation.

MCU Cosmic‘s Jeremy Conrad dropped the hint about Avengers: Annihilation three weeks ago.

“The title is pretty smart. It’s grounded in what we just saw happen in Avengers: Infinity War where the Avengers (and the entire universe) experienced Annihilation. It also could hint at what’s going to happen in Avengers 4 and what the heroes are going to have to go through and sacrifice to reverse what Thanos did.” 

Comic book fans were quick to dispute MCU Cosmic’s claim because Annihilation is a different Marvel story but, given how the MCU is loosely based on the comics, the theory could still have legs.

A few weeks ago, the Russo brothers trolled fans by posting a cryptic photo that urged viewers to “look hard.”

In the photo, an easel and a step ladder flanking Joe Russo on the set of Avengers 4 clearly indicates the letter “A,” which led many to believe the letters signify the acronym for Avengers: Annihilation.

However, Business Insider reported that fans saw the objects in the photo spelling “Endgame” as another possible title.

The reference to “Endgame” is from a bit of dialogue in Infinity War when Doctor Strange tells Tony Stark that they’re in the endgame now.

However, the Russo Brothers did clarify, as mentioned earlier, that the word for the Avengers 4 title was not uttered by any of the characters in Infinity War.

Others saw Avengers: Assemble from the clues in the photo.

Eagle-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice the X in the background. 

Of course, there were a few jokesters in our midst. 

We won’t know the official title for the film until we approach its U.S. May 3 release date. Until then, the speculation seems to keep us engaged until we’re reunited with some of our favorite heroes brought back to life through a time travel plot.

Too bad we can’t leap into the future now to see Avengers: Annihilation, Assemble, or ASAP.

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