Jamie Lee Curtis Is Willing To Take A Stab At Another ‘Halloween’ Film Under One Condition

Forty years later the original Halloween still stands as one of the greatest all-time classics of the horror genre.

Although the film inspired 10 sequels, few of the subsequent movies ever lived up the legacy of the original. That is, until now.

2018’s Halloween has gone back to the franchise’s brutal roots and it might be the most faithful sequel to the 1978 original so far.  Much of the film’s success comes down to Jamie Lee Curtis’ gripping return as the character Laurie Strode.

In the short time since the film’s theatrical release Halloween raked in $100 million, making it the highest grossing movie in the franchise.

So you can bet another sequel is already being talked about. But the question is will Curtis return to play Laurie Strode one more time?

The answer is yes, under one condition. 

Curtis reprised her role as Laurie Strode five times throughout the franchise’s history. She says she will come back to do it again under one condition.

In an interview with Empire Magazine Australia Curtis revealed she would consider returning once more as long as director David Gordon Green was at the helm.

“If David Gordon Green called me up and said, ‘let’s do another Halloween‘, I would do another Halloween. Because he did such a beautiful job creating this movie.”

It’s good news for fans of the horror franchise, especially since co-writer Danny McBride confirmed that talks about the next sequel already began.

In an interview with Deadline McBride talked about the potential next chapter in the horror series.

“We definitely have ideas of what we would do. We have thoughts and ideas of what we could possibly do. We hadn’t invested a ton of time on them, but now we’re being asked to figure it out. There  are definitely talks on whether we will do more of them and we’re just  trying to see what best makes sense.” 

Based off the fan reactions, David Gordon Green should definitely consider signing up for another sequel. 

Though some fans included a condition of their own. 

But not everyone was excited. 

Even though fans are loving the latest installment of the franchise, some are worried that a follow up could go the way of other failed Halloween sequels.

At this point it seems like the fate of the next Halloween is in the hands of director David Gordon Green. For now fans will just have to hope he decides to return.

H/T: Floor8