Comparisons Between Meghan Markle And Princess Diana Lead To A Shared Nickname

It has been less than a year since Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, was married to Prince Harry, but in that short amount of time the former Suits star has already become a welcome member of the royal family.

Insiders are saying that the royal family started comparing Duchess Meghan to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana of Wales. In fact they even gave her an affectionate nickname, one that she shares with Diana.

According to Vanity Fair, insiders are saying the royal family started referring to the Duchess of Sussex as Di 2—Di being the nickname for the late Princess Diana.

Sources say it is an affectionate nickname for Markle who is reminding many inside the royal family of Princess Diana.

“I’ve heard the Duchess is referred to as Di 2, because of the  similarities of Harry’s mother. It’s meant affectionately, and I think  it’s quite true – they are rather alike.” 

Members of the royal family are noticing striking similarities between Markle and and her husband Harry’s mother.

And it’s not hard to see why.

In establishing herself as a royal, Markle took many cues from Diana, including her sense of style.

As Markle arrived with Prince Harry for a state dinner in the Kingdom of Tonga on Thursday many noticed she was wearing a giant aquamarine ring. It was a present from Harry given to her on their wedding night.

And the reason the ring caught so many people’s eyes?

It used to belong to Diana.

The similarities between Meghan and Diana do not end there though.

In adjusting to her new royal life, Markle seems to have adopted Diana’s bold sense of fashion.

Mark Stewart, a longtime photographer of the royal family says he sees a lot of Diana in Meghan’s style choices.

He stated:

“I’m often reminded of Diana when I photograph Meghan. Their wardrobes are quite similar; Meghan loves great tailoring and block color, just like Diana did.” 

“I remember photographing Diana in Japan, when she stepped out in a red and white spotted outfit. Meghan’s wardrobe choices on this tour really remind me of Diana’s, like the red dress she wore when she arrived in Tonga.” 

“It was pure Diana, honoring the national colors of the island before Meghan had even said a word.”

People see more than just Diana’s fashion sense reflected in Markle though.

Diana was known as the “People’s Princess.” She had the graceful confidence of royalty but never distanced herself from the people, often bucking royal tradition to do so.

Stewart noted:

“The way she bends down to interact with children, there’s a natural empathy and humanitarianism. The way she seeks out the cameras and actually makes eye contact. She’s terrific – just like Diana was.” 

From her regal elegance, to her humanitarian efforts and her striking sense of style—it’s no wonder people are seeing so much of Diana in Markle. 

While the People’s Princess can never be replaced, it looks like Markle may carry on her legacy.