Footage Of A Plane Successfully Landing Sideways In A Windstorm Makes Us Happy We Are Safe On The Ground

Among pilots, there’s an old saying: “Flying is easy; landing is hard.” 

That’s doubly true when you’re dealing with 40-knot crosswinds which force you to approach the runway sideways, which is exactly what Captain Brenda Riepsaame Wassink had to do during Storm Callum in mid-October. 

Despite her passengers’ nervousness, she managed to land the plane beautifully, creating an incredible viral video in the process.

Watch the landing here.

Wassink was landing her TUI Airways Boeing 757-200 at Bristol Airport in the UK when high winds caused by Storm Callum forced her to use a technique called “crabbing” which involves pointing the nose of the plane directly into the wind until the very last second, when the plane realigns with the runway and slams its brakes on. 

Though incredibly impressive when wind-speeds become dangerous, it’s one of the first techniques taught to young pilots, since they’ll rarely be landing a plane without any cross-winds.

Mountains of praise are being heaped on Captain Wassink, who responded to all the kind words on Twitter!

The internet was bowled over by the high-pressure landing!

Flying through storms doesn’t seem like such a big deal with Captain Wassink behind the stick.

One can only imagine what being a passenger on this plane must have felt like.

Fortunately, everyone exited the plane safe and sound with a story to tell their families for years to come. 

All thanks to Captain Wassink and her amazing skills—well done, Captain!

H/T – Thrillist, CNN