Political Commentator Rochelle Richie Calls Out Twitter For Failure To Act When The MAGA Bomber Harassed Her Online

On October 24, a Florida man named Cesar Sayoc Jr. was arrested in connection with the 14 pipe bombs sent to prominent Democratic officials, backers and outspoken critics of President Donald Trump across the country.

Prior to his arrest, most Americans had never heard of Sayoc or thought of him as a threat, but there was one person who already knew he was dangerous: Rochelle Ritchie. A political commentator and Twitter user,  Ritchie had been threatened by Sayoc online.

It’s now abundantly clear that Sayoc’s threats were credible. Yet when Ritchie reported the situation to Twitter earlier this month, they refused to take action.





In her tweet, Rochelle wrote:

“Hey @Twitter remember when I reported the guy who was making threats towards me after my appearance on @FoxNews and you guys sent back a bs response about how you didn’t find it that serious. Well guess what it’s the guy who has been sending #bombs to high profile politicians!!!!”

The first threat (which Twitter failed to see as an issue) read:

“We have nice silent Air boat ride for u here on our land Everglades Swamp .We will see you 4 sure.Hug your loved ones real close every time you leave you home.”

Sayoc would later post pictures of Ritchie taken from her Instagram alongside photos of an alligator eating a human body.

Sayoc threatened many Democrats and Trump critics on Twitter, though most of them, like Jim Carrey, Joe Biden and Maxie Waters, were more high-profile than Ritchie.

The bomber’s Twitter account had been reported to the website, which failed to shut it down even after multiple threats such as these:


Twitter users were enraged that the social media platform was allowing hate to run amok while so many other, less harmful acts received swift punishment.

This whole ordeal will hopefully serve as a wake-up call to Twitter.

Though they should have taken threats like these more seriously from the start, it’s never too late to begin.

Twitter users quickly turned Ritchie’s post viral to highlight the error of Twitter’s ways:

In an especially infuriating turn of events, once it was discovered Sayoc was responsible for the mail bombs sent to prominent Democrats, Twitter suspended his account and sent a not-so-convincing email to Ritchie.

One thing everyone seems to agree on: Twitter needs to get its act together and begin cracking down on those who spread words of violence and hate on their site.

H/T – The Cut, The Verge