Trump Decided It Was Appropriate To Tweet About The World Series Just Hours After The Synagogue Shooting

11 people were killed and 6 more injured, including four police officers, on Saturday when a gunman opened fire at Tree of Life Synagogue in the historic Jewish neighborhood of Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

After a day spent musing that if there was an armed guard there, they would have stopped the shooting and washing his hands of any responsibility for stoking hatred and bigotry, President Donald Trump decided it would be good to start tweeting about his expertise in managing a baseball team.

Last night he tweeted:

This has been a week of violence, with 14 bomb threats—targeting Democratic leaders and critics of Trump by a fervent supporter of the President—and this antisemitic attack, which people were quick to point out.

Many had harsh words for the President.

Thousands of people gathered in Pittsburgh for a candlelight vigil Saturday night. 

The President told the world he watched a baseball game.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter