A.I.’s Attempt At Writing Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Horror Story Is Just Plain Bizarre ????

Botnik Studios is a group of artists and developers who use AI to create their work. For them, the world is more about entertainment than scientific advancement – and their AI generated writing hasn’t let us down yet.

The group has given us fiery (and believably batty) political writing. Their AI gave us some great “health and wellness” tips when it generated an entire website modeled off of the pseudo-scientific sort-of-spiritual advice sites like Goop.

There was even a Harry Potter book!

To celebrate the awesomeness of Halloween, Botnik fed their AI a bunch of books from the Goosebumps series. Yup, the classic R.L. Stein favorites from your childhood. Once the AI had its source material, they asked it to generate a spooky tale of its own.

Botnik didn’t want just any story, though. They specifically filled the AI with material from the short-lived-but-super-fun Give Yourself Goosebumps series. Botnik wanted to celebrate childhood (and embrace potential awkwardness) in a big way, so they taught the AI system to generate a “choose your own adventure” style story.

The end result is a story called “Give Yourself Goofbumps: Welcome To Sand Hands” – and yes it is exactly as bonkers as it looks and sounds.

That epic cover design, though… 



We didn’t even make it through the first paragraph without chuckling at how awesomely awkward it is.

It’s filled with verbal gems spun in the soulless way that only AI can accomplish. We’d explain it, but it might be better if you just read for yourself.

Keep in mind, this isn’t even technically page one yet. 




We have so many questions, like what does “beat feet” even mean? Why are our hands made out of sand? Does the ghost horse have hands or is it handing us sodas using its mouth? Is “Married … with Vampires” like a spooky version of the sitcom Married… With Children? And what is Al Bundy up to these days anyway?

We don’t want to spoil all the potential adventures for you, but here are some little nuggets of goodness:

Aunt Mom has a yogurt and cheese sauce fetish, there might be a time scientist, and there’s a dog with a microphone – and he HATES YOU. Nothing makes sense, but it makes no sense in the best way possible.

Twitter loves it. 

If you want to choose your own Sand Hands adventure (and you know you do) you can check it out here. Just clear your schedule for a while to allow yourself to go back and make other choices.

Let us know how things go with the cousin and your friend who likes her feet. Oh, and Happy Halloween!

H/T: Botnik, IFLS, Indy 100, Twitter