Chris Evans Completely Eviscerated Trump By Rewriting His ‘Fake News Media’ Rant ????

People have been incredibly critical of Donald Trump’s words and policies for as long as he’s been involved in politics. Plenty of people believe his words purposefully play on people’s fears and insecurities.

Combine that with his repeated praise of violence and it’s easy to see why millions of people believe Trump is inciting all sorts of problems.

Criticism kicked up again after a particularly violent week in the nation.

Media members, high-profile democrats, people of color and more have been targeted for horrific acts of violence. Domestic terrorism, racism and xenophobia are splashed across headlines thanks to several attacks and at least one perpetrator who is a rampant Trump fanatic.

With people asking questions, Trump turned to Twitter to defend himself and lay blame on the media.

Essentially, Trump framed the victims as the problem and himself as the real victim. 

People were unbelievably quick to call him out on that, which is unsurprising. 

Plenty of celebrities even spoke up. The one who really caught people’s attention, though, was Chris Evans. There’s just something about Captain America chastising the president that has people talking. 

Evans sarcastically re-wrote Trump’s tweet.  

As with all things political and celeb related, it was divisive. 

Some people hated that Evans went there. 

Others loved it.

Cue the Evans 2020 tweets! 

While some say celebrities should stay silent on political issues, they are still citizens with a right to vote and freedom of speech. If your dentist can tweet their opinions, why not an actor?


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