Passengers On Paris Bus Refused To Make Room For Man In Wheelchair—So The Bus Driver Stepped In ❤️

A French man—who relies on using a wheelchair—tried to board a public bus in Paris, but lack of common courtesy from fellow commuters prevented him from getting on.

Francois Le Berre has multiple sclerosis and faces many day to day challenges. But being able to use public transportation should be the least of his concerns.

So when the bus driver—repulsed by his callous passengers refusing to accommodate Le Berre—made a very bold and unprecedented move, many on social media heralded him as heroic.

The driver—whose identity remained anonymous—pulled the bus over and asked everyone to step off so that Le Berre and his companion could board.

Once Le Berre was settled, the driver drove off, leaving the previous passengers stranded until they could catch the next bus.

A group called “Accessible Pour Tous”—which translates to “Accessible for All”—tweeted about the justice enacted on Le Berre’s behalf.

Their tweet reads:

“Yesterday while waiting for the bus in Paris, nobody wanted to push themselves. As no one was moving the driver stood up and said “Terminus! Everybody down! After he came to see me and said “You can go up and the others, you wait for the next one!”

Many people praised the bus driver’s no-nonsense decision and shamed the other passengers for not being considerate towards the disabled commuter.  

“Bravo to the bus driver ???????????? shame on the passengers ????”

This user said she always makes room for pregnant women and for the disabled, thanks to good upbringing.

She pointed out that it is a matter of proper discipline.

“More to the point, there was a time it was natural (to accommodate).”

“I always gave my place to elderly pregnant women or people with disabilities thanks to my parents who taught me when I was a child so unfortunately it is a problem of education.”

Accessible POUR TOUS‘ post went viral, with over 5,000 shares and liked by over 13,000 users.

A spokesperson for RATP—the company that owns and runs Paris’ transit system—also praised the bus driver for his unilateral decision. They asked that he come forward to be recognized for accommodating Le Berre.

When people asked if the offer of accolades was a tactic to reveal the driver’s name in order to reprimand him, another RATP spokesperson responded saying the agency would never punish an employee who acted in favor of a disadvantaged commuter, according to CTV news.

The Evening Standard noted that buses in France usually have one or two seats allocated for the disabled and that passengers should give priority to them and give up their seats accordingly.

Those stranded commuters got a tough lesson in common courtesy and human decency.

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