Vegetarian Restaurant Chef Cuts Up Customer And Serves Him To Other Diners ????

A chef at a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok has been arrested after a macabre discovery. Cannibalism has been the stuff of movies. It has been the stuff of musicals. But rarely is it actually the stuff of real life. Customers at a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok were upset enough when they realized there was meat in their food.

They complained to authorities. After a brief investigation, it was confirmed that the sprinkling of mince meat the chef had liberally sprinkled into the food was in fact… human.

According to Vice

          “Police rushed to the restaurant, which had since been deserted, and found blood splattered across the kitchen               walls. Small hunks of human meat were strewn across the floor. And shortly thereafter, the body of a 61-year-               old man was found dumped in the septic tank.”

The victim’s name was Prasit Ipathom and he had been reported missing a few days prior. He was a regular at the restaurant and witnesses say he had an altercation with the owner. Investigators were able to examine what was left of his body and explained that there were signs of blunt force trauma as well as multiple stab wounds. Investigators concluded that the chef and owner of the restaurant murdered Ipathom and tried to dispose of the body by putting it in the food he served to customers. The murderer and restaurateur is still at large.

Macabre jokes were made.

Others were shocked.

Let’s hope that none of the people who were served human meat developed ‘the hunger.’


H/T: Newsweek, Vice, Twitter