Oscar Mayer Just Claimed That Hot Dogs Are Sandwiches And All Hell Broke Loose

There are plenty of age-old food debates. Do you eat pizza with a fork and knife? Does avocado belong on a burger? Oscar Mayer decided to rekindle one of the most divisive food debates of all time.

On Thursday they tweeted:

Yes, Oscar Mayer declared themselves firmly on the side of hot dogs as sandwiches and dared their followers to convince them otherwise. Honestly, it was kind of a power move. Those who choose to call the hotline are asked to leave a voicemail weighing in on the debate. However, the hot dogs as sandwiches debate had already begun on Twitter.

There were those who firmly believed that hot dogs were their own thing.

Though others were sure that Oscar Mayer was right.

Oscar Mayer tried really hard to convince all of the naysayers.

We’re still giving this whole hot dogs as sandwiches thing some side-eye.

H/T: New York Post, Twitter