Man Explains How Psychic Helped Him Find His Missing Father’s Body

Mike Carroll has been digging up his basement for years thanks to his encounters with the paranormal. This endeavor may have finally yielded some results. Mike Carroll’s father, George Carroll, disappeared when Mike was only five years old. Since there was no explanation for the disappearance, he and his siblings have made various attempts throughout their lives to figure out what happened. But it was an encounter with paranormal investigators that may have finally shed some light.

Carroll had noticed some strange activity in the family home, which he still lives in. Lights would turn on and off, and a visitor once claimed to see the shadowy figure of a man inside the home. He had been digging in the basement on and off for years in an effort to find evidence of his late father’s whereabouts. But this past June, when these investigators told him that they could still sense his father’s energy in the house, he began looking again in earnest.

This yielded results, and on Tuesday, Mike Carroll and his sons found human remains on the property. They have been sent to a forensic team to examine DNA and dental record evidence to determine whether or not the remains belong to George Carroll, but Mike says that he has a “gut feeling” they do.

Some were shocked.

Psychic investigators have entered our national consciousness thanks to shows like Long Island Medium and Hollywood Medium.

But many are still skeptical.

But some are already believers.

Perhaps now that the body is found, a medium could help get to the bottom of how it happened.

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