An Old Lady At A Farmer’s Market Just Settled The Nicki Minaj/Cardi B Feud Once And For All

Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers if they were siding with Nicki Minaj or Cardi B over their latest spat.

The recent kerfuffle between the two rap artists was over a verse for the song “Motorsport” that the two collaborated on. Cardi B tried to resolve the dispute over the phone, but Minaj did not pick up.

This set Cardi B off on a tirade and she took to Instagram to rant in a series of eleven clips.

The videos have since been taken down as the two allegedly hit the pause button on their clash.

“Thankfully, they called a truce for the time being and I don’t know who’s right and who isn’t here,” Kimmel told his audience.

To get a better perspective of the feud from “some of our wiser and elder individuals” Kimmel’s crew interviewed people at the farmer’s market in Los Angeles.

Comments varied with one gentleman saying, “I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about,” and another commenting, “We didn’t have rappers when I was young. We just had songs, people sang.”

Another gentleman listened to a sample of Minaj’s music to give an informed response for the poll and then asked to “see his picture.”

But one brutally honest response stood out from the rest.

“That feud is a waste of energy,” said one woman, who clearly doesn’t have time for nonsense.

“Life is meant to be enjoyed. I think they say in America, ‘Get a life.’”

People couldn’t agree more.


Twitter participated in the quiz to show where their loyalties lie. 

The results from the poll are in, but it looks like the elderly woman in the interview is the victor, hands down.

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