Avril Lavigne Finally Addresses Rumors That She Was Replaced By A Doppelgänger Years Ago

You might be wondering why Avril Lavigne is finally addressing a rumor that you probably never heard of, but this being Avril the explanation of course gets a bit, complicated.

For years a conspiracy floated around the internet that the real Avril Lavigne died sometime between 2002-2005 and was replaced by a doppelgänger named Melissa Vandella.

On the surface it sounds ridiculous, because it is. But believers think there is plenty of evidence, which is why after more than a decade the theory still refuses to die.

Now Lavigne has finally spoken out in hopes of putting the rumors to rest for good.

It all began with a Brazilian Blogspot page called Avril Esté Morta. According to the theory, after Avril’s quick rise to stardom she became overwhelmed by the pressures of fame, so her management team hired a lookalike to take over some public appearances.

But in 2003 Avril’s grandfather died and in her grief the singer took her own life. From then on Melissa took over and has pretended to be Avril ever since.

The rumor was mostly a Brazilian inside joke until 2015 when Buzzfeed writer Ryan Broderick shared it on Twitter, and the outrageous theory started gaining traction.

It was obviously a crazy theory, but people started wondering if it was just crazy enough to be true.

No, of course it wasn’t true.

And after years of silence Lavigne finally decided to put the rumor to rest.

In an interview on Wednesday Avril spoke with radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O on Australia’s KISS 1065.

When asked what she thought about the conspiracy theory Avril responded:

“Yeah, some people think that I’m not the real me, which is so weird! Like, why would they even think that?”

The answer didn’t seem to surprise Twitter, except those who were shocked it was even a story to begin with.

But not everyone was convinced.

Hopefully though now that Melissa, or rather Avril, has addressed the rumors the ridiculous conspiracy theory can finally start dying down.

H/T – E! News, Independent