Horses Are Spontaneously Combusting On This Cursed Road In ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

From the moment the first gameplay trailer came out fans and critics knew that Red Dead Redemption II (RDR2)was going to be something special.

It was the first new title from Rockstar games in five years, and the six minute trailer looked more like an episode of Westworld than a video game.

In the nine days since its Oct. 26th release, RDR2 has already been hailed as 2018’s game of the year. Much of that comes down to the uncanny level of  realism achieved by the open world adventure.

But after a few days of playing gamers discovered a hilarious and horrifying detail that hopefully was not that common in the real Old West.

In any game as large as RDR2, a few glitches here and there are always bound to happen. Missing items, strange character behaviors and even highly exploitable “cheats” are par for the course in many open world games.

As people began playing RDR2 though many started encountering a nightmare inducing glitch which caused their horses to suddenly burst into flames and die.

At first no one could figure out why it was happening, though players soon isolated it to a dirt path just outside the town of Rhodes.

But the problem wasn’t just affecting players, and gamers could only watch as unsuspecting non-player characters (NPCs) traversed the cursed patch of land and the bodies of dead horses began piling up.

Videos of the disturbing phenomenon began cropping up all over social media. 

After posting videos players soon realized that they were not the only ones to come across the unholy event. 


People weren’t sure how to react but knew the image would be sticking with them long after they were done playing. 

Rockstar has yet to respond to the glitch and people still don’t know what is causing it.

The most likely answer though? Improper horse maintenance.

H/T – The Verge, Game Informer