This Nervous ‘SNL’ Commercial About A ‘Blue Wave’ On Voting Day Is Far Too Relatable

In advance of Tuesday’s election on November 6, SNL filmed a parody advertisement encouraging registered voters to go to the polls and make their voices heard.

The cheery cast members are hoping that irresolute Democrats will “bring much change to America,” and proclaimed there is a blue wave on the horizon that will turn the tide after prolonged tension and division among U.S. citizens.

But even the SNL cast members were not exactly exuding much confidence.


“Democrats are taking back the White House,” says Beck Bennett. “It’s a win we need and win we’re gonna get.”

“I’m sure of it,” he reinforces. Yet, physically, maybe not quite as sold, as he trembles while holding a coffee cup that eventually explodes with his tightening grip.

The jitters most of us are feeling in anticipation of one of the closely watched midterm elections are all too real.

“They say don’t trust the polls, but I’m choosing to,” says Kate McKinnon as a florist fumbling with an arrangement. “We’re finally going to put this administration in check.”

Then the camera zooms out as we see her filling a vase with hard liquor to calm the nerves. Cheers.

Leslie Jones seems confident her White allies got her back. “White women finally promised to do the right thing this time; they’re not going to let us down, right?” The cat Jones is cradling does not seem sold as indicated by an eyeroll.

Eventually, the cast members all burst their bubbles. They could only maintain their calm composure for so long.

Heidi Gardner can’t keep up with the charade of decorum and eventually loses it, yelling her at her kids frolicking in the yard to get back inside the house until Tuesday.

McKinnon shrieks from the mounting anxiety and the windows in front of her shatter into a thousand pieces, and Pete Davidson gets slapped after joking that voting day is on Thursday. His “mom,” played by Aidy Bryant yells, “it’s NOT funny!” and her hand gets the last word.

The fake ad mirrors what a lot of Americans must be feeling right now.

It’s mayhem out there. So get out and make your vote count on election day, and maybe, just maybe, we can all get some sleep at night.

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