Barack Obama Elicits Excited Shrieks From Crowd After Surprise Visit To Florida Taco Shop ❤️

People still really love former President Barrack Obama. It shows every time he makes an appearance anywhere. Lately, he’s been on the road helping to campaign for other politicians – so we’ve gotten a whole lot of “Obama in the wild” sightings. Miami just had a great one.

Obama was in town to support democrats Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum. The three gave a passionate rally, after which they were understandably pretty hungry. South Florida is famous for having some of the most amazing restaurants in the world, the trio could have gone to any number of five star VIP spots. Instead, they decided to just do what the locals do. They wanted something quick, tasty, and not too fussy. In New York, you go for a slice of pizza. In Chicago you get a hot dog. In Philadelphia you get a philly, obviously.

When in Miami: 

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Obama, Gillum, and Nelson popped into Coyo Taco and people kind of flipped out when they walked in. Obama was quickly swarmed by excited fans. After countless rounds of handshakes, he placed his order to go and went back to hanging out with the crowd. Word spread pretty quickly, and more people started showing up. The trio encouraged people to vote, shared some small talk, and just communed with the people.

There were nachos involved.


Just as quickly as they showed up, they were gone. But there was plenty of video and a serious crowd buzz left in their wake. Twitter ended up lit up with footage and posts about it. 


Obama’s “Where’s My Taco” looks like a contender for political quote of the week. We’ll keep you posted.


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