Florida Mayor Accused Of Soliciting Sex In Exchange For Installing Speed Bumps Near School

David Stewart, the mayor of Lantana Florida, is accused of soliciting sex from one of his constituents in exchange for having speed bumps installed. The Florida Commission on Ethics has found probable cause that the mayor ‘misused his position to obtain a sexual benefit for himself.’

His accuser, Catherine Padilla, a caregiver for the elderly, had filed two complaints against Stewart, one that he made sexual innuendo towards her during a banquet dinner; the second is his sex for speed bumps gambit. While the commission dismissed the first claim, they have decided to move forward with a trial for the second.

Stewart denies the accusation.

According to NBC News….

“Padilla said she befriended the mayor three years ago while advocating for speed bumps on her street, which is down the road from an elementary and middle school, she said.

She said she saw people speeding down the road creating “treacherous conditions” for the children. But after one lunch with Stewart, she claims he drove her to a motel and suggested they ‘occupy a room’ together, according to documents from the commission.

She says she declined his advances and Stewart brought Padilla home. Padilla says she repeatedly received calls from Stewart telling her she could still change her mind and sleep with him in exchange for the speed bumps.”

Padilla goes on to claim that while he threatened to derail her attempt to get her speed bumps, she went before Lantana officials and plead her case. They eventually installed them. However, once they were done, she claims that Stewart once again propositioned her and threatened to remove them if she didn’t oblige.

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