Student Trolls Trump Supporters Into Giving Her Money By Pretending To Be A Black Republican ????

Strap yourself in, this is a doozy! Seems Trump supporters are all too happy to give money to strangers, especially when that stranger claims to be a black Republican.

With the popularity of Candace Owens, and the wave of support for Kanye West, it’s clear that all the “Make America Great Again” folks really want is a black Republican “friend,” so they can prove they aren’t racist. So when Twitter user @chckpeas posted about being a black Republican, people on the right jumped on board.


Things took a turn when the user’s mother cut her off and kicked her out for supporting Trump.




She started a GoFundMe to solicit donations to pay for school. The link is gone, so there’s no telling how much was given for this cause, but many discussions online point as high as $150,000. However much it was, it was enough.

As far as most investigations into this story can tell, the Twitter user cashed out and deleted the donation campaign.

Then she posted this:


It was beautiful.

Turns out the 19-year-old Twitter user, who identified herself as Karen, isn’t a Trump supporter at all. In fact, according to The Daily Dot, the idea of supporting Trump makes her “skin crawl.” But she sure could pretend!

Karen told The Daily Dot:

“I saw the hat and my troll mind instantly wanted to create mess. So I just took a picture with it before destroying it and then posted it.”

Of course, she also didn’t get kicked out:

“My mother would never kick me out and I’m laying in my warm bed in my progressive house.”

Karen was not surprised at the response she received, stating:

“I knew it was going to go viral, and I’m having so much fun with this.”


It was brutal.

If you’re worried about the money, fear not. A spokesperson for GoFundMe said Karen only made $97, from a total of four donations. All four of those people were refunded, and Karen’s GoFundMe account was banned.

The spokesperson, Bobby Withorne, said the following:

“After the campaign was launched, it was reported to our Trust and Safety team. The campaign was reviewed and removed from the platform. The platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means all donors are protected by a refund policy if misuse occurs.”

Karen doesn’t mind, however. Money was never her goal.

“I just honestly didn’t want to take their money. Yeah, I can’t pay for school, but I don’t want Republican money to pay for it. I just want everyone to think I’m the finesse queen, which I am.”

Karen was discovered before her “admission” tweet of course. People found old tweets praising Obama, and realized she was trolling them. However, she still got the desired effect.

But while we can’t endorse stealing money, even if that money will eventually be given back, we can say this young woman exposed a massive blind spot for MAGA Twitter.

H/T: Elle, The Daily Dot