Woman Partially Paralyzed After Fall From Cliff While Escaping Attacker Competes In New York City Marathon

Hannah Gavios narrowly survived a horrific experience two years ago while visiting Thailand. In trying to escape an assault, she fell from a cliff and sustained serious injuries and was partially paralyzed from the incident. After Gavios’s fall, her attacker held her hostage for hours. While she was eventually rescued, nerve damage left her feet entirely numb and she also sustained nerve damage in her shins.

Gavios told People

“After the news of my injury, one of the most devastating things to hear was I’m unable to run, let alone walk. But I needed to run again, so I thought the closest thing to that is crutching. I could participate in the race and use what I have to the fullest.”

While she was still undergoing physical therapy, Gavios decided she wanted to participate in the New York City Marathon. She began training this past March, using her crutches and learning to use them as a tool.

She explained…

“The best part of my training is getting into it and having fun with it. The hardest part is stamina, being able to keep it up for as long as possible. There are times I start to ache and my whole body hurts. But I proved to myself that I’m stronger than I think.”

Gavios is running for Team Reeve, which benefits the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, which funds research into treatments for paralysis as well as offering financial support to those have sustained paralyzing injuries. She has already managed to raise over $16,000.

A full interview that Hannah Gavios did with People can be seen below.

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We wish Hannah Gavios the best in her training and future recovery!

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