’60 Minutes’ Reveals Just How Devastating A Bullet From An AR-15 Is To The Human Body

Much of America’s conversation about gun control centers around the AR-15, a lightweight, semi-automatic style of rifle that includes various makes and models that all bear similarities to the assault rifles developed for the military in the 1950s. While handguns are more common on the whole, AR-15s play a prominent role in American mass shootings. 60 Minutes released an investigative report probing what makes the AR-15 different and more deadly.

Reporter Scott Pelley met with ballistics experts who demonstrated, using state-of-the-art gel made to mimic the density of a human body, the devastating effects an AR-15 bullet has on shooting victims.

While bullets from a handgun passed through the gel in a relatively straight line before emerging on the other side, AR-15 bullets struck with far more force before exploding within the body, scattering shrapnel, and emerging out at unexpected angles.

According to USC professor Cynthia Bir: “Bones aren’t gonna just break, they’re going to shatter.”

60 Minutes reported that most people shot with an AR-15 die fairly quickly due to blood loss, and that most hospitals aren’t equipped or prepared to handle wounds caused by the weapon because the weapon, designed specifically to kill, is relatively uncommon outside of extremely malicious situations like mass shootings.

Twitter was shocked at the destructive nature of the weapon:

For many, seeing what happens inside the body when an AR-15 shell hit was reason enough to advocate for stricter gun control:

Among high-income countries, America ranks first in gun homicide rates by an incredibly wide margin. Also, despite holding only 5% of the world’s population, the U.S. houses 31% of the world’s mass shooters. Change must be made to protect human life in the United States.

H/T – Rawstory, CNN