Bella Hadid Shuts Down Body-Shamers Who Say She’s Too Thin In New Instagram Photos

For generations, the fashion industry has seen criticism for pushing unhealthy and unrealistic body standards. Body-shaming — making people feel bad about what their body looks like — has been around just as long. Typically, we think of body-shaming as something aimed at overweight people but, within the fashion industry, that shaming can go either way. It’s fine to address the way the industry promotes dangerously thin and unrealistic beauty as a standard; countless models have shared their stories of being pressured to be thinner even when it was clearly unhealthy. Body-shamers take the conversation to a different place. They direct that criticism at the individuals and their bodies directly, rather than the system or institutional ideas.

Bella Hadid shared some behind-the-scenes photos from a fitting for the upcoming Victoria’s Secret show. The shots show Bella in a simple black bra and panty set paired with knee-high black and snakeskin boots. Bella struck a few poses and shared some shots with Instagram.

A direct front shot:


The requisite model corner-slouch:


This shot has some great shadow play! 


Most people thought the shots were gorgeous. It’s pretty hard to take a bad picture of a beautiful woman, but another sentiment kept popping up. Many people commented that Bella looked way too thin. The Hadid sisters are no strangers to controversy about their looks. Gigi had an undiagnosed thyroid condition for a while and battled comments that she was too fat to work. Bella has gotten the same sorts of comments, but this time people got particularly malicious.

Some people claimed to be concerned for her health, but others were pretty clear they just didn’t like looking at her. 


Eventually, the chatter got to be so much that Bella adjusted the caption she placed with the photos. She updated it with a reminder that body types are different and do different things.

Check it out. 


We want your thoughts. Did the body-shamers take their comments too far? Do you think Bella handled the situation gracefully? Is it even her responsibility to be gracious in how she responds to people talking about her body? Let us know in the comments.

H/T: Instagram, Huffington Post